About Us

Outward Bound Shop is the official online store for Outward Bound Singapore (OBS). Outward Bound Shop is operated and managed by BX Creatives, the appointed vendor of OBS for the supply and sale of OBS branded merchandise and souvenirs. All OBS branded merchandise and souvenirs on this website are sold by BX Creatives. For the avoidance of doubt, all references to Outward Bound Shop on this website, OBS e-shop or outwardboundshop, including all such references in the Terms of Service, shall be taken to refer to BX Creatives.

BX Creatives Pte Ltd

BX Creatives is a product design, manufacturing and sourcing company, supporting corporate partners both within and beyond Singapore shores. It is our keen belief to collaborate with our partners to meet their corporate objectives - product/graphic design, marketing, branding, retail, through well-designed premium products. 
BX Creatives distributes quality products from leading Japanese Ceramic-Technology brand Kyocera, education toy brand Halftoys.
With offices in Singapore and China, the BX Creatives team comprises experienced strategists, product designers, engineers, manufacturing managers, and sourcing experts. Creative opportunities and good designs excite and motivate us to continue learning about new materials, products and technologies as we progress. With a firm belief in synergistic partnerships, BX Creatives aims to be a one-stop solution for all our customers and pride ourselves for being able to design and deliver quality products and services at most reasonable costs.